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We are pleased to offer a selection of the most recent press articles mentioning GOMARQ:

The independent consultant (HIPE) becomes larger: ask to be manager or brokerage Something is changing in the Spanish stock market . In recent months , we are taking several steps that will be an open business opportunities for small operators and independent consultants . The main novelty , the sources consulted by this means , being the supervisor is accelerating the procedures…
The CNMV lightens communication processes and prior authorization of management companies and ESI Having been open to public comments, the BOE issued Circular 1/2013, of 30 January, the CNMV, on communication of information on ESI and its parent companies and SGIIC (the "Circular"). This new wording shall enter into force on March 11. Check here the text published in the BOE. "The obligation…
IFACs: a more transparent way to offer advisory services The creation of IFACs [...] also implies a door-opening change in client relationships due to the higher transparency requirements and in relationships with suppliers and supervisory bodies, explained Tomás Gómez Cano, a partner at Gomarq …
The CNMV transfers responsibility to audit firms of investment companies “The circular broadens the responsibility of auditors in relation to clients' investment positions", stated Tomás Gómez, partner and director of GOMARQ Consulting. […] This circular is in line with others approved recently on internal control and half-yearly reports by custodians [companies which hold investors' securities]. “The CNMV is setting up…
The CNMV requires custodians to supervise their clients “Custodians [...] will be able to check the NAV calculated by managers once a month, although these verifications will refer to each day within the period”, explains Tomás Gómez, partner-director at Gomarq, the consultancy firm offering financial entities the Delta.Depo IT tool […]”
CNMV delays new control requirements for fund managers by one year (…) some consultants are outsourcing these services. Gomarq, one of the leaders in this area, states that, alongside current legislation, the new circular limits reputational risk, improves the service offered to clients, brings about more efficient internal processes and ensures strong growth. (…)
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