GOMARQ Consulting, S.L. is part of a Group of companies specialized in providing consultancy services in different fields:

In relation to the Financial Sector and Stock Markets, GOMARQ has professionals with extensive experience and recognized qualifications, both in the public and private sectors. We make available to our clients the knowledge acquired in the in-depth study of the Sector and our global vision of it.

Whether your company is a large, consolidated, and established company, or if it is newly created, at GOMARQ we have a solution adapted to your needs.

Services List

Regulatory Compliance and/or Internal Control

For those Companies that can have a single Control Unit, we offer the comprehensive service of regulatory compliance, review of procedures and risk management.

We offer the possibility of providing the service under the “Delegation” or “Support” modality. In either of the two cases, we become part of the Company’s organization and offer ongoing advice and support to comply with legal obligations.

We previously carried out a Due Diligence to analyze all the areas of the Company and detect any gaps. We draw up a specific work plan that covers all the controls required by the regulations. We propose corrective measures and issue recommendations for improvements.

Permanent contact with the Client is essential to achieve an adequate control system

Procedure Manuals

We offer a specialized consultancy for the design and elaboration of the different procedures, Manuals, Policies.

We analyze the operations of the Company, the needs, the available means and we design the procedures adjusted both to current regulations and to the operational reality of the Company.

Risk management

We offer the service in “Delegation” or “Support” modality.

GomarQ and In-Loac (Group Company) offer the risk management service. It has its own software, Detla-Risk for:

• Calculate the different risk indicators.
• Analyze the risk considered GLOBALLY and individually for each portfolio, as well as the evolution of the main magnitudes and indicators.
• Monitor the degree of compliance with the maximum risk limits established by the executive bodies of the Company.
• Carry out the quantitative analysis of the Portfolio.
• Calculate the Performance Attribution
• VaR calculation.
• Back Testing.
• Stress testing tests.

Specialized Consulting

GomarQ offers consulting services to financial and non-financial companies, finding an optimal relationship between the scope of the project, the time required, the cost and the risks that can be assumed.
• Adaptation plans for regulatory changes.
• Secretary of the Board of Directors.
• Regulatory consultations.
• Customer Service Assistance.
• Selection of computer applications.
• Technical and legal advice.
• Preparation of documents before + inspections by supervisory bodies.

Constitution of societies

GomarQ is specialized in the preparation of files to be sent to the CNMV for the incorporation and transformation of Companies.

Throughout his career, he has established Collective Institution Management Companies, Securities Agency and Companies, Investment Finance Company, Closed Investment Capital Management Companies.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism

El blanqueo de capitales constituye, en la actualidad, una de las principales preocupaciones, por el riesgo reputacional, de los organismos supervisores nacionales e internacionales y del sector financiero en su conjunto.
GomarQ ofrece:

• Diseño del Manual de Procedimientos de PBC&FT
• Asesoramiento técnico y jurídico permanente.
• Examen anual como expertos externos del informe anual.
• Software especializado para el cumplimiento de las todas las obligaciones ante el SEPBLAC.
• Formación a la medida.

Penal Compliance

The objective we pursue is the creation of a compliance plan for the prevention of criminal risks within the Company.

GomarQ has specialized software for:
• Identify activities that may be a potential risk of criminal acts.
• Establish protocols and procedures for the prevention of such risks.
• Designate the necessary resources for the preparation and execution of the Criminal Compliance Program.
• Appoint a control body with autonomous powers.
• Incorporate a mandatory measure to be complied with by all in the event of detecting a breach of the Program.
• Establish disciplinary sanctions in case of non-compliance.
• Incorporate a Criminal Compliance Monitoring Plan with the possibility of making the necessary modifications.

Data Protection

GomarQ has qualified personnel in the field to carry out data protection audits in order to respond to regulatory requirements.

In addition, we help:
• Establish controls over personal data.
• Design procedures for compliance.
• Prepare information on customer rights.
• Carry out the impact evaluation (EIPD)
• Appoint a DPO

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