INDEPENDENCE, EFFICIENCY, SPECIALIZATION, EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE are the basis on which GOMARQ builds professional relationships with its clients.

We are specialists in individualized advice to financial and non-financial entities. We work with large and small companies, independent and integrated into large financial groups.

We have extensive experience obtained with some of the main Spanish and foreign business groups located in our country, of the following type:

  • Managers of collective investment institutions.
  • Investment service companies.
  • Venture capital companies and their management companies.
  • Depositories of collective investment institutions.
  • Listed companies.
  • Issuing entities.
  • Pension fund management companies.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Deposit institutions (banks, savings banks, credit unions).
  • Traders of collective investment schemes.
  • National and foreign entities that wish to start their activity in Spain.
  • Other financial services companies.
  • Non-financial companies.
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