Our Company

GomarQ is the leading independent consulting company providing specialized services to financial companies in the Stock Market.

The experience acquired for more than 20 years, the recognition of our work by financial companies and the needs arising from regulatory changes, have encouraged us to expand all our services to other sectors: insurance and reinsurance companies, management companies pension funds, credit institutions, listed companies, etc.

GomarQ is very committed to its clients. We accompany you from the beginning of your project, working with great dedication to facilitate compliance with legal obligations. We help them develop new plans for the future.

We work objectively and impartially, setting corporate objectives, establishing a close and long-term relationship with the client. It is important to have an expert in regulatory matters to avoid reputational risk by personalizing the service, trust and communication.

We have a consolidated team of professionals trained in highly prestigious companies with solid training and extensive experience. They follow continuous training to adapt the Work Plan and the Companies before new legal requirements, guides, European guidelines and continue offering a quality service.

At GomarQ we believe in the importance of the team, we take care of their personal growth, their well-being within the company, their motivation, all these values allow us to offer an optimal service with dynamism and proactivity.

Our objective is not only to offer specialized advice to our clients, but also to integrate into their organization to provide a global solution, understanding their business, their needs and priorities, in an environment of fluid and effective communication.

GomarQ has, through In-Loac, a specialized technological infrastructure that includes, among others, Delta-PBC, Delta-MiFID, Delta-RIC, Delta-Control: measurement of legal coefficients, valuation of financial products, accruals of commissions , control of IPP information, investment vocation, portfolio risk profile, etc., Delta-Market abuse, Delta-Info: reporting of periodic reserved statements for the CNMV, Delta-Risk: liquidity control, VaR calculation , control of the different risks of the portfolios and Society, etc., Interactive communication platform and documentary database.

GomarQ, through its partner, belongs to BWP Madrid. BPW stands for the International Federation of Business Professional Women. A non-governmental organization founded in Geneva in the year 1930 by Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips.

We firmly believe that a balanced group between genders allows a better use of the qualities of each one, allowing a wide range of measures to achieve the objectives set by the company, in short, to grow at all levels, both professional and personal. It is goal number 5 of the SDGs.

At GomarQ, we take care of the environment, trying to reduce the environmental impact.



Our Offices

C/ José Orta y Gasset, 25, Bajo. 28006 Madrid (Spain)

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