Specialised advisory services

GOMARQ offers advisory services for financial and non-financial companies, seeking to strike a balance between the Scope of the project, the requiredTime and the Cost and Risks that can be assumed.

We are experts in identifying our clients’ needs, designing the best project to meet those needs, building a highly-qualified multi-disciplinary project team, and constantly monitoring the project to ensure its success.


  • Adaptation plan to respond to any regulatory changes.
  • Optimum sizing analysis for companies and business units.
  • MiFID procedures management.
  • Design and restructuring of company procedures and policies. Control and follow up of implementation process.
  • Technical procedures and measures to optimise financial investment decisions, order execution and control.
  • Selection of IT applications.
  • Assistance for Customer Services.
  • Control and monitoring of systems migration.
  • Technical and legal advisory services.
  • Design of coverage plans for potential criminal and financial liability.
  • Preparatory audits to prepare for potential inspections by supervisory bodies.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Management of business crisis situations.
  • Strategic business planning and opportunity seeking.
  • Personal data protection.

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