Key Performance Risk Indicators (Apolo Metric) service launched

Apolo Metric software offers the following features and purposes:

  • Various risk indicators and scoreboards, which are extremely useful for senior management, investment committees, managers, etc. These indicators gauge trends in key financial and business figures, expenses and revenues, country risk, sector risk, currency risk, investment in complex products, counterparty risk, liquidity risk, etc.
  • The software helps monitor the degree of compliance with the maximum acceptable risk threshold established by the Company, as well as to analyse trends and monitor any deviations from established targets, among other aspects.
  • The program can generate reports in different formats (.pdf, .xls, .html), which can be personalised and adapted to the Company’s corporate image. These reports are extremely useful for reporting to the Board of Directors, supervisory bodies, and clients.
  • The information is available online and can be consulted anywhere in the world.
  • The software can be integrated with the Company’s website.
  • Individual indicators and scorecards are available for each portfolio managed as well as at consolidated level to obtain a global vision.

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