In.Loac (GOMARQ Group) offers Delta.Risk at very competitive prices

Delta.Risk is an integrated software service offering specialised advice. It offers financial companies a one-stop solution to identify, measure and manage their financial risks and comply with prevailing legislation. The service comprises:

  • •VaR calculation and back testing.
  • •Stress tests in different scenarios.
  • •Measuring liquidity risk of investments.
  • •Measurement of liquidity risk of CIIs to check ability to honour redemption/sale requests.
  • •Monitoring of the investment policy and risk profile of portfolios managed.
  • •Comparative valuations of complex financial products.
  • •Monitoring of derivative transactions.
  • •Monitoring of the maximum risk threshold established by the company.
  • •Preparation of reports for senior management and incident monitoring.
  • •Specialised advice.

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