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We strive to identify, motivate and develop the best professionals. We offer:

  • a professional career with a highly-qualified, dynamic and committed team.
  • Our internal training and promotion policy allows our employees to grow professionally, within a dynamic working environment.

Our profiles

In line with our founding principles, at GOMARQ we are looking for enthusiastic employees who are keen to learn, capable of taking on responsibility, customer-focused, motivated and who wish to form part of a young, dynamic and highly-qualified team.

Requirements: a university qualification with knowledge of the stock markets. Post-graduate studies and other studies related to the financial sector will be especially valued.

Stock market expert

Sound financial background, professional experience at financial entities, consultantcy firms or auditing firms. GOMARQ offers you the possibility of furthering your career as a stock market expert.


Financial or legal background, experience in consulting and customer-centred projects. GOMARQ offers you the possibility of furthering your career working with financial and non-financial companies.