International expansion of financial companies

The Spanish market is over-banked and highly mature (we could even say the market is saturated), and there is great uncertainty surrounding the future of SICAVs. Financial companies are therefore moving towards a more open structure, which has been favoured by recent regulatory changes in Europe.

New markets must therefore be sought, taking advantage of the business opportunities afforded by EU regulation and economies offering high growth potential.


GOMARQ offers global services, in collaboration with leading partners in other EU countries. Spanish and foreign financial companies will find in GOMARQ a global provider with whom to undertake any of the following business strategies:

  • Horizontal growth of your business into other EU countries.
  • Sale of products and services freely within the European Economic Area.

With this objective in mind, GOMARQ offers the following services:

  • Legal advice from leading locally-based partners in proceedings with supervisory bodies in their Member States.
  • Collaboration in finding suppliers in target countries (e.g. administration and NAV calculation, custodian services, compliance, audit, etc.).
  • Market and business viability studies.
  • Assistance in finding and selecting collaborators to market products and services in target countries. Drafting of contracts.
  • Supply of the technological infrastructure to sell products and services, establishing communication between participating entities and reporting to supervisory bodies and tax authorities. SaaS technology.