Administrative proceedings with supervisory bodies

A successful business project or activity requires several key ingredients: viability, experience, specialisation and diligence. GOMARQ has collaborated with its clients, the CNMV and the Bank of Spain on various different projects entailing incorporation of financial companies, mergers, acquisitions, expansion of activities, and shareholder restructurings. In all these projects, we bring our clients the global vision, specialised knowledge and experience needed to help them achieve their goals.

We assist our clients in the strategic planning process of their business, designing the organisational structure and the most efficient internal communication. We draw up the resources memorandum and other documents to be submitted to the supervisory board and handle the necessary proceedings to obtain authorisation.


We participate in the entire administrative authorisation process, which can sometimes be long and laborious. We organise our work by stages and assign functions and responsibilities to the team of advisors working on the project, always coordinating with the client. We offer the following services:

  • Customer and project knowledge.
  • Identication of potential risk areas.
  • Viability studies.
  • Design of the organisational structure, information flows and necessary internal control procedures.
  • Resources and systems inventory.
  • Technical assistance in adopting strategic decisions.
  • Preparation of explanatory memorandum for the project.
  • Design and update of procedure manuals and policies: internal code of conduct, anti-money laundering procedures, risk management, etc.
  • Preparation of mercantile documents (articles of association, board resolutions, etc.), service provider agreements, etc.
  • Ongoing technical assistance in dealings with the CNMV and/or Bank of Spain.
  • Monitoring of proceedings and requirements before the CNMV and/or Bank of Spain.