Support for CII custodians

In recent years, the oversight functions of CII custodians have been amended and defined by new regulations and supervisory bodies.

GOMARQ’s main objective is to cover the needs of CII custodians, so that they can carry out their oversight and control functions and prevent the emergence of risks that derive from their responsibilities as CII custodians.

GOMARQ offers CII custodians greater legal services, helping reduce reputational risk while improving the quality of service offered to CIIs and CII management companies. Thanks to GOMARQ’s know how and IT infrastructure, CII custodians can impose greater controls over a wider scope and improve their communication systems with CII management companies.


We offer a global service responding to all our clients’ needs:

  • Design and introduction of a procedures manual.
  • Recurring work carried out by GOMARQ technicians in order to exercise all oversight and control functions pursuant to prevailing legislation for CII custodians. Our work always takes into account prevailing legal reqquirements, as well as the best market practices and the supervisory body’s criteria.
  • Assistance with CNMV inspections and requirements.
  • Supply and administration of specialist software (Delta.Depo) so that CII custodians can automate oversight and control processes of CIIs, complying with regulatory requirements and simplifying analyses, preparation of reports to be sent to the CNMV, storage of documentary evidence, etc. This software also has an interactive platform to communicate with CII management companies, collate observations and help monitor incidents through to resolution. The software is based on SaaS technology which is efficient, secure and reasonably-priced. It can be swiftly and easily incorporated into the custodian’s IT system.
  • Management and employee training.

Service features

  • All oversight and control functions of CIIs laid down in current legislation can be outsourced to GOMARQ. CII custodians may therefore have a Control and Oversight Unit without having to hire additional personnel or secure greater technical means.
  • If a CII custodian does not wish to outsource these functions and responsibilities, GOMARQ can coordinate and supervise these services on a need-to-need basis.