Capital adequacy and solvency

Over the past few years there have been significant developments in the financial sector in the areas of risk identification, measurement and management that could affect financial companies. The legislation implemented over the past few years and legislation expected to be implemented in the immediate future is aimed at ensuring that financial companies achieve an adequate relationship between their risk profile and effective capital.

Capital adequacy and solvency regulations establish capital requirements and rules of transparency and dissemination for all market participants (customers, companies, supervisory bodies).

In addition to the importance of correctly assessing the risks affecting a financial company in order to calculate its precise capital needs and avoid generating idle resources, it is also important to look after its corporate image.

As part of their capital self-assessment financial companies should also seek specialist and independent advice to enhance their decision-making processes, with a twofold objective: 1) optimise the company’s resources in compliance with regulatory capital requirements, and 2) relay an appropriate corporate image to the supervisory body and the rest of the market.


GOMARQ can offer specialised advisors to financial companies successfully perform the following tasks:

  • Identify and measure the risks that could potentially affect the financial company, performing the necessary complex and laborious calculations.
  • Advise companies on the best way to meet capital requirements without generating idle resources.
  • Design and help implement action plans to eliminate risk and improve internal control and corporate governance procedures and structures.
  • Plan capital requirements.
  • Write capital adequacy and solvency reports to improve the company’s corporate image.
  • Provide assistance in issues relating to supervisory bodies.